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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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"April 2009. A lot more needed to be done for the sitting room besides our 2003 objective of "change the color." Changing the color was indeed difficult as the heavy, dark-colored sponging treatment needed to be subdued with several layers of primer before the top coats could be done. We pulled out the carpet and laid a grid of floor tiles in the same style as the previously completed flooring in the kitchen. Not shown: the lichen green sheers and drapes were hemmed to fit neatly over the two windows. This room also had a wool rug in it a couple years ago, but the room is small enough to not really need it. The only things left to do are a hand-painting project and hanging Luis’ shadow box. After all the changes, this room has become much more welcoming and bright. It is the right place for Sunday reading and thinking about our family." - Theresa

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